1. Main:
The company insists on & baby, scientific and technological progress, advancing with The Times, customer satisfaction and lead the quality policy, the hero, honesty, to ensure the realization of the promise to the customer - Scien Technology Limited business goals and strategies;
Two of them. Integrity:
In the process of company operation and management activities, everything should be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and work, all internal formulaic, external activities always abide by the contract, comply with the law, integrity management,,
2. Services:
Use of advanced management methods, with high quality products and perfect service to meet customer demand, continuously exceed customer expectations, "create benefits for customers, create value for society" is the soul of the company's management and management.
3. Innovation:
In management activities, learning and research, create new methods and technology, constantly improve the management level, it reflects the era of "advancing with The Times, pioneering and innovative" spirit.
4. People-oriented:
All our service object as the foundation, external activities of the company internal management as the foundation, reflect the results of all services for people, as well as services provided by everyone, is the "basic idea.
Our philosophy...
Pursuit of excellence in good faith cooperation for customer service, sales rather than four satisfaction 120%.

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