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Things smart home wearable is the trend

Known as the global consumer electronics field vane CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) held annually in the United States, Las Vegas, this year from January 6th to January 9th for a period of 4 days. This year's CES, the Internet of things, wearable devices, smart driving, smart home appliances, virtual reality products become highlights of several major highlights.
According to CES given online exhibitors list, in this year's general assembly, more than 25% exhibitors are from China, a total of more than 1 thousand and 200 Chinese enterprises, the number of the most. Among them, there are 469 enterprises from Shenzhen, including Lenovo, HUAWEI, ZTE, Hisense, TCL, Haier and so on, while some of Shenzhen's smart hardware to create a business is rapidly entering the international perspective.
Highlights 1 things smart home into a hot
In this year's exhibition, the Internet of things has become a hot topic of no accident.
Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea have begun to focus more attention to the Internet of things market, Samsung Electronics is one of the. Samsung is committed to creating such a network of things ecology. Samsung Electronics President and CEO Yin Fugen pointed out at the CES show, the Internet of things is not about the 'thing' network, it is the focus of attention. Everyone is the center of its technical field, with the change of people's life style, habits, things will continue to adapt and make changes."
According to the timetable for the Samsung Internet of things, by 2017, all Samsung TV will become the Internet of things devices. All Samsung Hardware devices will be supported by the Internet of things, this will accelerate the popularity of the Internet of things devices in the market. Yin Fugen stressed that people is the center of the Internet of things data mining.
Now, things like technology companies have become a new battlefield". In addition to Samsung, Intel also proudly for networking. Intel said, hope to establish cooperative relations with many companies, Accenture, DELL, platform solutions in the Internet of things, this is also the beginning of a trend of the layout of things from the upstream. In addition, apple and Google have also begun to acquire other household product manufacturers as the Internet of things in the future pave the way. While Qualcomm has more than 30 countries around the world have launched 15 things involving digital equipment, glasses, children tracker, smart watches and other products.
In the intelligent home appliances Home Furnishing, Samsung, LG, TCL launched the quantum dot TV, this technology can make the LCD screen color is more eye-catching and bright, close to the cinema to see the effect of. And on the CES, whether it is Samsung's TV SUHD, SONY's new Bravia TV, 4K OLED LG TV, or the two generation of domestic Hisense ULED TV, are using 4K tv.
In addition, intelligent driving is popular in recent years, the field of display areas. Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford have released related products. It is worth noting that this year in the Qualcomm chip than the intelligent driving field also began to force, Honda, Martha Lahti, Cadillac shows the number of concept cars, using Qualcomm Android OS technology demonstration, security function and wireless charging system.
Accenture communications, media and technology department general manager John Karan think, CES2015 the biggest surprise is that the Internet of things. "Through the global network of things makes intelligent products, and even between the product and the exchange of people. Internet of things market has opened up."
CES show CEO passionate speech described in the future intelligent networking scene: when you drive home, automatically open the garage door, living room lighting and heating, automatic open kitchen oven preheating. In the wisdom of family cars, appliances and all other devices have detector is connected to the Internet, to think and act. Between the device and the device, the device to achieve a direct dialogue between the people.
Highlights 2 wearable devices continue to heat
In the context of the Internet of things, wearable devices, one of the main protagonists of the first. According to some experts estimate that the next 10 years the size of the wearable technology market could reach $70 billion.
At this year's CES, SONY, Lenovo and other companies have launched smart watches, smart Bracelet like conventional wearable devices, and some start-up companies launched the waist, legs, fingers and other parts of the user oriented wearable smart devices.
In addition, wearable health equipment is also the number of this year's booth and the largest number of visits to a field. Wearable health monitoring devices, home sensor and the corresponding software in the field of medical care, as one falls, another rises; new product clinical application more and more, such as data collection with glucose levels, heart rate and body temperature of the equipment began to appear.
CES this year, the release of wearable health devices a development trend: smart fitness equipment has been developed to monitor the development of simple fitness data for monitoring the health of the user. That is, through the concept of wearable devices to track fitness status began to spread, people try to track patient data through wearable devices. How to carry on data mining will become the key after the equipment has become the data of all kinds of data.
It is reported that in 2014, a fitness tracker and health equipment sales of more than 70 million. Sales of such equipment in 2015 will be 68 million. However, the data collected by these devices have not been well analyzed and utilized.
Mobile health industry and the transformation of the weather forecast industry is very similar, the final will be a variety of complex computing models to predict, LifeQ founder and computational biologist Leann C

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